Benamôr-Nata Hand Cream 50 ml

119 DKK

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Nata hand cream is inspired by the magnificent Portuguese pastry. Enriched with egg extract, powerful emollient with antioxidant properties, it deeply nourishes your hands, leaving them soft and sweetly perfumed. Deliciously irresistible! So Yummy! For all skin types
99% Natural ingredients
0% parabens0% petroleum
0% phenoxyethanol
Dermatologically tested
Apply the cream on your hands and spread it gently. Massage your hands until the cream is totally absorbed. Can be used repeatedly whenever necessary throughout the day.

Egg Extract , providing emolient and antioxidant properties.
Shea Butter: protects, nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin.
Sweet Almond Oil: acts as an emollient, giving your skin an extraordinary feeling of softness and hydration, prevents aging and improves skin’s elasticity.
Inca Peanut (Pluketenia Volubilis Seed Oil): revitalizes and rejuvenates skin due to its anti-free radical’s properties. It also hydrates skin by helping to reduce the amount of water lost.
Coconut Oil: hydrates and softens skin.

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